Each year we invite all our allotment owners to keep a diary of the work and activities undertaken on their allotment. The diaries may contain the following information which we hope will be helpful if you are a plot owner or will inspire you to take up an allotment and grow your own organic fruit and vegetables:

An example of items to include in the dairies is as follows

Hours spent working – weeding, digging, clearing, path laying, making raised beds, putting up shed/glass house etc.

A record of costs involved – seeds, plants etc.

What was planted – flowers, vegetables, fruit

Harvesting – weight of produce and comparisons with what a similar amount would cost in your local supermarket

Recipies – some plot owners include their favourite recipes to help you make the most from your delicious produce.

Link your video to our Facebook page

Become a  BBC Weather Watcher  www.bbc.co.uk/weatherwatchers.

Complete the Survey by University of Sheffield

Do gardens influence health and well-being?   https://sheffieldpsychology.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe5/form/SV_56ZsZy7hqCIw0mx

Time spent on social activities on the plot

Photos and/or video of all these activities

The winner gets a free plot for the following year.

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