Load of Cauliflowers being loaded for Belfast Mays Market: Maurice as a young boy in the cab of the lorry.  My Dad Hugh is on top with Sammy Carlton who still lives in Newtownards.  Mick is helping to load the lorry.

Prize Winning Parsnips grown on the farm: From left to right Sam Hamilton, Crosby Cochrane (Local DARD advisor for Horticulture), Charlie McCutchen, Robert Mawhinney (NFU agent), my Dad Hugh Patton.

Two Lorry loads for Mays Market Belfast: Mays market was the old vegetable market on the opposite side of the road from St. Georges.

Planting Potatoes: My Dad Hugh on the tractor Phyllis Busby and Sadie Gamble are planting the potatoes and Mick is collecting the empty potato trays.  They are being planted in field where the Glen Estate is now.

Students Tour: My Dad showing a group of students from Stranmillis College, Belfast around the farm in the 1960’s.

Article in the Chronicle. (Thank you to the Chronicle for letting us use this article) Click here to view it.

Map of Farm: This was drawn up in 1968 fields F, G & H are covered with housing.